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It all started in 2019. Josephine has always loved to sketch. Before Joseph Atelier came to life, she did smaller projects for people or companies. She made individual pieces for private individuals, especially art paintings. Eventually, a friend approached them and said, "Hey guys, I can offer you a stand at a festival for selling. Are you interested?". At that time, they didn't really have anything to sell yet. But Josephine and Til wouldn't be Josephine and Til if they didn't immediately have an idea. So they bought second-hand clothes that Josephine painted and sold these unique pieces. The items were incredibly popular, which made Josi and Til think about what to do from this point on.

It was challenging to sell individual pieces to multiple people, so they came up with a concept on how to sell art while still maintaining the "unique character" of each piece. They came up with the idea of selling limited-edition clothing. They found a partner and started printing limited hoodies, sweaters, and t-shirts, where the design is clearly in the foreground and represents Joseph Atelier. Throughout all of this, family and love have always played an important role. Josephine and Til's parents have been actively involved from the beginning in making handmade bags (hopefully, the original pattern of Til's mom's handmade bags will be available again). They sewed labels and packed packages with us until late at night.

Let's get back to the story and its origins: We are almost in 2020, in which the journey has taken the next step. Lea and I joined the team. Lea brought all of us together, and we had a photo shoot. It immediately clicked for all of us; we sat together and realized that we had to work together somehow. In 2022, Thorben joined us, who had already accompanied us on trips and was a silent companion of Joseph Atelier before. In 2022 and 2023, we expanded the team even further with members from the community.