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vitamin lips cozy hoodie

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You know, we love our signature lips. From berry, cherry, juicy until today: vitamin lips. With all the perfect veggies, we love and get the vitamins we need.
And this one is our new cozy hoodie for the winter time. <3

The print is white on a cozy ash-blue hoodie, and the organic cotton is super comfortable and soft on the skin. The hoodie has the perfect oversized and ultimate comfort with our JOSEPH ATELIER logo on the front. All our garments are made of 100 % organic cotton and are sustainable screen printed.

Please wash this hoodie before wearing it for longer, regarding the risk of stains.

Til - 198 cm - XXL
Sarah - 164 cm - M
Morgan - 192 cm - XL
Lili - 176 cm - L
Josephine - 183cm - L