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own addiction espresso

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Think of your favourite memory, add sun and iced coffee and start your day, your lunch or evening the right way. We’ve worked together with 19grams to bring our favourite taste of coffee to you, your friends and your family.

Our package contains 250 grams of roasted espresso beans from a farm in Costa Rica which is working with power from sustainable resources. With flavours of milk chocolate, ripe melon and sugar cane, this espresso will bring the following feelings to your mind:
late night walks, conversations, sun kissed skin, hydration, refresh, park days, fruits, starting, new chapter, cold drinks.

This espresso is limited to 250 pieces á 250 grams.

direct and fair coffee trade

There are a lot of certificates, awards and seals that you will not find on any of our coffee packaging. These have often been developed by the EU and cost 19grams and, frighteningly, the producers too, a lot of money, which is then lacking for the development of sustainable and good cultivation methods. 19grams believes in control through collaboration, so their goal is to buy from farmers they know, have visited and philosophized about coffee with.
19grams also attaches great importance to sustainability in their production, but also on site with the farmers when it comes to cultivation, harvesting and processing. 19grams wants to offer excellent products, where the producers are paid fairly and which are not grown at the cost of destroying the environment.

from green beans to brewed coffee

Roasting is the crucial step from the green raw material to the finished coffee. For us it is also the most exciting. 19grams tests hundreds of coffee samples to select the ones they gently develop then. They only roast Arabica coffee gently, slowly and each bean individually. Rich, clear in taste and retaining the sweetness of the coffee cherry. That is the maxim under which 19grams roasts. And that starts with choosing the right coffee.

filter and espresso roasting

The espresso tends to be roasted at slightly higher temperatures and dwell times to reduce acidity. The filter coffee is a bit faster and gets less heat to bring out the sweet components and make the bean a bit more soluble. For all coffees, however, 19grams takes the time it takes to turn the green raw material into the best coffee product. 19grams always roast maximum quantities of 22 kilos on their Probat UG22, so that their always have precise control over the result .